Remember that wine-tasting also has its own etiquette.

In more affluent social circles, something that is usually done is wine tasting. If you find yourself curious about such an event, it’s important to know and to have a firm grasp of what is usually done in the midst of it. Imagine if you were having a formal dinner on your Amsterdam city trip, and wine tasting was one of the activities. Now, imagine further that you were so clueless about what to do, you just kept doing things that were, in a manner of speaking, wrong, when it comes to wine tasting.

To avoid such an embarrassment, be reminded that it’s always etiquette that matters. Like other people always say (although maybe not on your favorite tech blog), it pays to know, and to do or to act according to what you know. As the cliche goes, ignorance is, and never will be, a valid excuse.


List of Do’s for Wine Tasting


DO try something new

Don’t just stick to what you know. Chances are you will be tasting a wide variety of wines, both familiar and unfamiliar. If it’s a walk-around tasting with wines from different regions, check out your favorite wine but from a different country. Leave your misconceptions at the door and try a wine you think you’ll hate.


DO take notes

How you make notes at a tasting event is completely up to you, but you should try to do it. After tasting several glasses of different wines, your memory can get a little hazy. A good way to judge a wine at a tasting is to give it a score out of 10. This should be based on appearance, smell, taste and an overall conclusion. Your notes only need to make sense to you, so don’t worry if they are all over the place to start with.


DO find out the format

There are different types of events; it may be a more informal walk-around tasting, where different wines are set around the room on tables for you to go and try. Others can be more structured. You might for example, be seated at a table with other tasters and the host will talk you through the wines in a specific order.