Red wine over dinner – how romantic.


So, imagine this. You’re on your Amsterdam holiday. This holiday is one that you’ve been saving up for for months (years, really), and you can’t even begin to measure your excitement for this day, and it has finally arrived. Without further ado, you go ahead and do every single thing you can do, great or small, just to be able to make the most out of your two-week vacation leave. Amsterdam has many attractions for couples and sometimes offer discounts depending on the season. (Your boss is probably going to bombard you with work after, but nobody wants to think about that just yet.)

It’s finally time for your first dinner at the majestic city. After a long day of sightseeing in your Amsterdam City trip, it’s great to just be able to sit down and enjoy a hearty meal with friends, whether old or new, and engage in deep conversations about politics, religion, or whatever you would like to talk about. Here are the top 10 Amsterdam tours so you won’t be wasting time on wandering all day thinking of where to go to. But wait, you seem to be forgetting something. Why don’t you go and order a bottle (or two, maybe three) of good red wine, like only Amsterdam can give.


The Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

As many people already know, drinking red wine comes with its own set of benefits. These benefits often far outweigh the risks. That is, if you can think of any legitimate risks at all. If you’re still in doubt, check out these top benefits of drinking red wine, and while you’re reading, be sure to take one sip at a time.


First, it helps to boost the strength of your heart.

And no, no one is talking about all those previous toxic relationships you’ve had that caused you heartaches. This is just on physical level, which matters, too, of course.  Many people prioritize health above anything else. when zorgverzekering afsluiten 18 jaar now, you’ll have to force to avail government’s offer.


Second, red wine helps to fight the damage caused by free radicals.

No, it’s not those radicals who want to unseat every political leader. The accumulation of free radicals plays a major role in the development of chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancer, autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease and neuro degenerative diseases. The antioxidants in red wine help counteract oxidative stress by acting as free radical scavengers that prevent and repair damage caused by oxidation.

Third, red wine helps to battle obesity and weight gain.

This is not a case of shaming you for your body. This is actually a way to help you to improve yourself. Red wine can certainly help you fight these tendencies to gain weight. This is due to a compound found in grapes and other fruits (like blueberries and passionfruit) called piceatannol, which has a similar chemical structure to resveratrol. According to researchers, piceatannol blocks an immature fat cell’s ability to develop and grow.

Fourth, red wine may also help to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Before you get all excited and tell your grandparents to drink up as much wine as they can, it’s best to remember that it’s not just about the wine. It’s the total diet that matters. Thus, apart from red wine, there also has to be an improvement in the daily food intake.